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Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

about the Apprenticeship

We’re looking to add an eager, bright, and talented apprentice to our marketing department. Some might call it an internship, but since we view this as a chance to invest in a future full-time teammate -- we consider it an apprenticeship.

You’ll be working alongside our marketing team to both learn and execute. If you have less expertise, we’re here to help you gain it. If you come to us with more experience under your belt, that’s exciting too -- we hope you’ll teach us something.

We’ll get to know each other over a period of three to six months (the timeline is variable only because we love to freestyle ;)). If we enjoy each other and how we work together, you’ll move from part-time apprentice to full-time employee.

Come as you are -- if we are the right fit for each other, we’ll know it.

about You

Are you a data-lover, a dreamer, a doer, an organizer, a proclaimer? Do you have a creative mindset and a knack for getting shit done?

Can you write a killer ad, set up the campaign, run reports, and analyze the performance post-launch?

Do you have the ability to balance projects that require brainstorming and ideation, lots of moving pieces, technical skills, with a calm demeanor -- sometimes all in the same project, and most often all due at the same time? ;)

Are you a fresh graduate looking to start building your career path -- or, do you have a latent talent (and passion) for something that you’re not doing currently?

Must-Have Qualities:

  • • Passion for marketing, data, and efficiency
  • • Top-shelf communication and organization skills
  • • Attention to detail and a keen ear for language
  • • Social media savvy and understanding
  • • Highly analytical mindset with strong technical acumen
  • • Proficiency in Excel (pivot tables, filters, basic formulas)
  • • The skill and / or the will to design presentations and client-facing decks
  • • The ability to work both independently and as a part of a highly collaborative team
  • • A balance between a qualitative and quantitative mindset
  • • A strong sense of personal integrity and ethics

Really-Nice-to-Have Qualities

  • • Prior experience running campaigns or analytics, especially via Google or Facebook Ads Manager.
  • • The ability to conceptualize, write, and launch engaging product and brand marketing campaigns and stories, as well as direct response campaigns with performance-based goals.
  • • A passionate eye for design, color, framing, or whatever other visual art you love.
  • • An existing portfolio, blog, Instagram, podcast, or whatever other creative work you’ve done and would like to do more of.

If this sounds like you...then perhaps we should talk.

about the Role

You’ll be working alongside our marketing team to learn as well as execute on tasks that are vital to our organization. It’s our goal to help you grow as you help our clients’ businesses grow, and you’ll definitely be getting your hands dirty -- so we hope you’re ready to jump right in.

Here are a few of the things you’ll spend your time on:

  • • Campaign setup and day-to-day management
  • • KPI and performance reporting (we hope you love spreadsheets as much as we do!)
  • • Analyzing performance and present findings to management to inform business decisions
  • • Optimizing campaigns, ad sets, and creatives (working independently, with our marketing team, or with our account managers at our ad platforms)
  • • Writing, writing, writing -- for social media campaigns (organic and paid), search ads, keywords, SEO copy for content-rich websites, and more. We prize innovation over the “same old,” and we have a wide variety of projects and markets where you’ll be able to contribute.
  • • Administrative tasks as needed, like month-end reporting reconciliation (it’s not the most exciting but it’s a key part of business’ing, and you’ll be learning all the ins and outs)


  • • This could be a part-time or full-time opportunity, depending on who you are and the experience you have under your belt when we meet.
  • • Our office hours are roughly 9 to 5, Monday to Friday.
  • • We very much want our new teammate to be able to come into our office in Uptown Palm Springs.
  • • Platforms we (and therefore you will) use are often “known brands”... but often, they’re nascent up-and-comers, as well. We hope you’ll be able to wrangle, and eventually master, any platform that we toss your way. Impress us on this one, and we’ll love you forever.

about Us

Konsist brings a one team mentality to everything that we do together -- for our teammates, for our organization, for our clients, and for our clients’ customers. We are powered by big hearts, open minds, sky-high standards, small egos, collaborative communication, and respectful relationships.

If you’re the right fit for our apprenticeship, then we expect you to want to work hard and play hard alongside your talented cohorts -- and we will hold up our end of the bargain as well. Here’s to hoping that you might be our next long-term teammate.

Perks + Benefits

  • • Team lunch at least 3x weekly (we really should invest in Postmates already…)
  • • Company outings and happy hours, often at our clients’ spots (we have to do our due diligence and research; it’s for our job, okay?)
  • • Free stuff from some of our amazing local clients:
    • • all services and products at a leading hair salon
    • • complimentary services (facials and esthetician services) at an expert esthetician’s spa
    • • complimentary ice cream at the very best ice cream spot in town
    • • complimentary food at a vegan-friendly eatery
    • • complimentary coffee and croissants at the coffee shop down the block
  • • An opportunity to join us in building something great together.

All perks are subject to availability and company budget, of course. We play hard, but we work hard too, and our goal is always the health and happiness of the company and our team. (That’s how we keep ourselves in free ice cream.)

Our team is a diverse group, but we all share a few key characteristics -- curious minds, big hearts, sharp eyes, and design thinking mindsets.

If this sounds exciting to you, then we might be the right fit for each other.

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